The Workshop Jewellery Boutique Launch

Working with Charlotte Cornelius for the launch of her sister boutique, The Workshop on Marmion Road, was a very fast paced and exciting project.

I was brought on board to help promote the launch of the new jewellery boutique approximately two weeks before the official opening day. My main focus for this campaign was to get the message and communications to existing customers and the right people to the launch event. 

Tactics for the campaign included email marketing, blog, PR and influencer marketing. For email marketing, analysis took place to establish the best segments and times to send emails for maximum engagement, with each email meticulously was crafted following the brands tone and the strict campaign timeline. 

Influencer marketing activities included researching key influencers that engage with Charlotte Cornelius Ltd’s target market. This included wedding planners, photographers, wedding makeup artists, personal stylists, social media influencers and more. The purpose of influencer marketing for this campaign was to get the message to the influencers to influencer their own audience about The Workshop. 

The PR activities included inviting the Deputy Lord Mayor to the opening of the new boutique and writing to relevant media and news companies with a press release about the launch for publication. This was incredibly successful with the Deputy Lord Mayor officially opening the boutique, with the picture and article published in The News the next working day. 

As part of the campaign I attended the launch event taking official photographs. It was an incredibly busy day, non-stop with customers and influencers – an all round successful launch. 

If you haven’t been to the The Workshop on Marmion Road, pop down to the boutique .

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